Lamprey harvest


OREGON CITY — They dove into the cold waters, emerging with writhing, eel-like fish in hand and thrusting them into nets. Thus began Northwest Native American tribes’ annual lamprey harvest at a rushing, 40-foot waterfall about 15 miles south of Portland. The jawless, gray fish are a traditional food source for tribal members in the Columbia River Basin… Read More  

Photo assignment: Harvest

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  In August, I photographed the peach harvest at the Masumoto Family Farm, an 80-acre organic farm south of Fresno in California’s San Joaquin Valley. It’s not just any old peach harvest. The Masumotos run an adopt-a-tree program and they allow teams of friends and relatives to harvest their adopted trees every summer. These photos were printed in Edible Marin’s …

AP STORY: Labor shortages, a new reality in agriculture?

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I’m usually a big skeptic when it comes to labor shortages in agriculture. I put on my reporter hat and ask: are these shortages real, or are they just slogans used by the agriculture industry to advance an agenda? I say this, because for years – for decades – the U.S. had been awash in farmworkers streaming in from Mexico. …