AP PHOTOS: Hmong women

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In these photos taken April 22, 2012, Vicky Xiong, left, teaches her daughter Rachel Lor how to do Hmong embroidery called Paj ntaub at their home in Fresno, Calif. (AP/Gosia Wozniacka) In this photo taken June 6, 2012, Misty Her, assistant superintendent with the Fresno Unified School District, talks to children about her job and encourages them to read at Cole …

AP Story: Hmong women, from refugee camp to college

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I often write about immigration issues, with special emphasis on the Latino community, the largest immigrant group. But California’s Central Valley is home to many other immigrant enclaves. One of these is the Hmong, an Asian ethnic minority whose people lived in the southeast Asian countries of Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as in China. The Hmong have a …

AP STORY: High speed rail or boondoggle

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Here I am, grilling High-Speed Rail Authority Board Chair Dan Richard after a press conference about the details of a new proposal for California’s bullet train. Michael Rossi, a member of the rail authority’s board and a senior adviser on jobs and business for California Gov. Jerry Brown, looks on. (Photo by Michael Chen.) Read the daily story on the revised …

AP STORY: Levee make-overs lead to more development, higher flood risk

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Here’s an accountability story I worked on for several weeks. At the end of December, the state of California released a little-noticed document, the long-awaited flood control plan for the state’s Central Valley. The plan called for major financial investments to fix the state’s levees and other infrastructure, and mentioned that about $3 billion in voter-approved bonds was already spent …

AP STORY: Meth boom in California’s Central Valley, nation

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This is a sad story my colleague and I worked on this past week, on the heels of the horrible murder-suicide that I covered in Fresno, which was meth-related. Please read our story here or here — I wish we could do a follow up on meth rehab programs, because it seems there are few of them around.

AP PHOTOS: Greenfield indigenous art

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This is a series of photos I shot for the Greenfield Divided City story. Every two weeks, indigenous migrant farmworkers from the Mexican Triqui community gather together to teach their children indigenous art and music. Organized by Triqui leader Mariano Alvarez and other community leaders _ most of whom work daily in the fields surrounding Greenfield _ the workshop is …

STORY: California drought or PR mirage?

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When I first moved to the Central Valley nearly four months ago, I saw signs pronouncing a terrible drought everywhere I drove. The farmers and ag industry advocates bemoaned the lack of water and the injustices they faced. Yet, everywhere in the state, water was plentiful in the form of an above-average snowpack and heavy rains. New drought signs kept …