STORY: Mr. Masada sees ghosts

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Last week, I wrote about the Japanese American experience of internment. While reporting the story, I met a wonderful couple, Saburo (81) and Marion (78) Masada. They shared many stories with me. We met at the Fresno Fairgrounds, where workers were busy preparing for the fair opening this week (a big deal in Fresno), while a small group of volunteers set up story boards that commemorate the Japanese families – including Saburo’s – who were detained inside the racetrack at the fairgrounds. Saburo, Marion and I made our way to the racetrack. One of the doors was open, so we went inside the building and climbed the stairs. The structure was deserted. We climbed all the way to the top of the grandstand. Then, from the VIP lounge, Saburo surveyed the track. It was the first time he was back – first time since he, a 12-year-old boy, and his family were forced to live in a barrack at that track. Nearly 70 years later, Mr. Masada looked at the grassy middle of the track, shook his head… he said he could still hardly believe what had happened there. Read the story here

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