PHOTOS: Dance of the devils

Gosia Wozniacka Uncategorized

The residents of Campo Nebraska on the outskirts of Fresno in California’s Central Valley live in shabby houses, in near complete isolation. The migrant camp, hemmed in front all sides by vineyards and fields, is owned by a Mexican mayordomo and houses immigrants from the village San Miguel Cuevas, Oaxaca. They are indigenous people, most of them Mixtecos who speak a pre-Hispanic language and little Spanish and cross into the U.S. from one of the poorest regions in Mexico. According to tradition, every pueblo holds an annual party for the village saint. Since crossing the border back and forth is difficult these days, this year the mayordomo¬†organized the party for the camp’s residents in California. The highlight of these parties, other than the hand-made tortillas and the beef, is the dance presentation. This year, I photographed my favorite dance: la danza de los diablos.

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