AP PHOTOS: Greenfield indigenous art

Gosia Wozniacka AP PHOTOS

This is a series of photos I shot for the Greenfield Divided City story. Every two weeks, indigenous migrant farmworkers from the Mexican Triqui community gather together to teach their children indigenous art and music. Organized by Triqui leader Mariano Alvarez and other community leaders _ most of whom work daily in the fields surrounding Greenfield _ the workshop is easy to miss: it’s held in the back of a private house on a quiet suburban street. The women weave without looms, with minimal tools, attaching the threads to a car door. The men bring out violins and drums to play ancient songs passed from generation to generation. Kids kick ball and play with stones. Under a blistering sun, the scene is noisy and colorful…

Also, if you speak Spanish, you can listen to a radio piece that Radio Bilingue did on this indigenous arts gathering. Escucha un reportaje de Radio Bilingue (en Español) sobre los talleres de artesania:

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