In addition to being an award-winning reporter, Gosia Wozniacka is also an editor and writing coach/teacher. She has edited a variety of work — including creative non-fiction pieces and manuscripts, op-eds and personal essays, news and feature articles, and even a play script. She has worked one-on-one as a writing coach with local Portland-area writers. She has also taught creative non-fiction writing workshops to both youth and adults and worked as an adjunct professor of journalism at Clark College. She’s passionate about good writing and nurturing new voices. 


Here is what to expect if you work with me:

* A writer’s voice and sense of direction are key. I’m here to support you and your writing and hold the work to a higher standard. My goal as an editor is to stay true to your style and help bring out the story you want to tell. As a journalist, I’ve had the misfortune of working with editors who completely reshaped my copy in their own voice, often adding inaccurate information. It’s an experience I do not wish on anyone. At the same time, if your style is confusing, bombastic or full of clichés, I will be honest about that.

* I’m a stickler for accuracy, good sourcing, and correct attribution. Great journalism and non-fiction writing are based on facts. The facts come from verified, authentic sources. Those sources should be honestly and openly acknowledged. In some rare cases, they should be vehemently protected. Being an ethical editor and writer is important to me. 

* I’m very careful about social meanings and descriptions – both literal and symbolic. If you are writing about the experiences of immigrants, people of color, the gay community, people with disabilities, or other minority groups, we will do some critical thinking around how your writing portrays those characters. I sometimes suggest the writer work with a sensitivity reader, especially if you are not closely acquainted with the experience or community you’re portraying.

* I care about how writing sounds – perhaps more so than other editors because I can speak and write in four languages and each offers a different way to carry words. In addition to reading your work, I will ‘listen’ to it and make sure it flows and resonates the way it was intended. 

* I’m patient, respond quickly, and enjoy the back-and-forth, give-and-take of editing.

If these sound like the qualities you’re looking for in an editor, let’s connect. You can email me via the contact form or at [email protected] to start. We can have a brief phone call to see if I’m a good match for you and your work. If we decide to collaborate, we can use Google Docs, tracking in Microsoft Word, or another method of your choice. If you are in the Portland area, we can work face to face, including on paper if preferred. I look forward to meeting you and reading your work.


“Having been an editor for much of my journalism career, I am well aware of the qualities that go into handling someone else’s copy. When I wrote a manuscript of a biography a few years back, I asked both friends and professional colleagues to give me feedback. By far, the most important editing I received was from Gosia. She was both encouraging and decisive. She posed questions. Without wrestling the copy out of my hands, she paid attention to important aspects of writing such as clarity, voice, accuracy, judgment, honesty. Excellent editors have the ability to see the big picture as well as the details. Gosia is an excellent editor.”

— Sally Cheriel, a retired editor for The Oregonian

“Gosia helped me edit my writing, framing sentences in a way that is compatible with publishing. Her support resulted in my articles being published by the local and national media. She has always motivated me to write more and she recommended that I do more research about the topics I write, which made my pieces stronger and more evidence-based. She patiently asked questions to make sure my intended message was clearly communicated to the readers. She also made suggestions about where to send my finished pieces because she knows the standard of writing at different media outlets. If you want to make your writing sound more professional, polished, and clear, I highly recommend you work with her.”

— Som Subedi, coordinator of Portland Parks & Recreation’s New Portlanders program; author of multiple op-eds, essays and a play script

“Gosia is not only a great writing teacher but also a wonderful person who has compassion for others in so many different ways. I met her through the immigrant and refugee writing workshop a few years ago. She didn’t just correct our English grammar and the structure of our writing. She delivered respect, understanding, mindfulness, and empowerment to her students’ work. She “brushed up” our writing to help us fully bring out the narrative elements (characters, plot, setting, etc.). Most important of all, she valued every individual’s unique story and pushed for it to be heard.”

— Miryang Kim, career education advisor at Tillamook Bay Community College


* editing full manuscripts (non-fiction, memoir, etc),

* editing short and long news articles and features, as well as op-eds and personal essays

* editing/writing blog posts and website content for individuals, non-profits and special projects

* ghost-writing

* working as a writing coach one-on-one (can be in-person if in the Portland area)

* small group writing or editing workshops

* editing for structure, story, voice, etc.

* copyediting, line editing

* writing pitches and suggesting publications

* translations Polish-English

* working as a sensitivity reader


I have a Master’s degree in Journalism from the University of California, Berkeley and have worked as a journalist for 15 years. My writing has appeared in hundreds of media outlets, from the New York Times and Yahoo News to small local websites. I’ve written news, features, magazine pieces, blog posts, and analytical reports. I have worked as a staff writer for a large regional newspaper and for the biggest U.S. news agency, as well as a freelancer. See editing recommendations below.

Please contact me for rates. And let me know if you have any questions!

Sincerely, Gosia Wozniacka