STORY: Lawsuit, EPA fails on civil rights

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Kettleman City is a small, poor farmworking community along the I-5 corridor, somewhere between Stockton and Bakersfield. Population about 1,400, according to the 2010 census. The community lies next to one of the West’s biggest toxic waste dumps. It’s also been plagued by a rash of birth defects that activists contend are caused by a combination of elements, including the …

Fresno heat

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Hot, Fresno temperatures climb over 100 degrees F (40 C). The air is thick like custard, smothering. Heat squeezes into every hole, every corner. Cold water rushes warm from the sink, because pipes have been sun-burned. Shampoo squeezes hot from the bottle. Clothes gives off human warmth when you put them on in the morning, as if someone had worn …

STORY: California drought or PR mirage?

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When I first moved to the Central Valley nearly four months ago, I saw signs pronouncing a terrible drought everywhere I drove. The farmers and ag industry advocates bemoaned the lack of water and the injustices they faced. Yet, everywhere in the state, water was plentiful in the form of an above-average snowpack and heavy rains. New drought signs kept …

Photo Gallery: Woodlake Rodeo

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Woodlake is difficult to find, a tiny city (pop. 7,000) in Tulare County, 60-plus miles southeast of Fresno, at the feet of the Sierra foothills. Drive down small highways tightly wrapped by infinite fields, plums and almonds and grapes. Circle on country roads and get lost, as I did. But one thing is certain: since 1949, this town has held a …

An evening in dairy country

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I spent this evening in Woodville, CA, population 1,678, the town surrounded by outstretched fields and numerous large dairies. I came to observe a UFW house meeting, for a story on farmworker organizing in California’s Central Valley. This is Tulare, the nation’s top milk producing county, and cows here churn out about 10 billion pounds of bulk milk per year. …

AP STORY: A teen farmworker’s life and death

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The death of 17-year-old pregnant farmworker Maria Isavel Vasquez Jimenez has become a symbol of a system gone wrong, outraging the farmworker community and leading to the first ever criminal case over a farmworker’s heat-related death in the country. The teen died of heat stroke after working for nine hours in 100-degree heat pruning grapes. Read about the criminal case …

STORY: Almond Ambassadors

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This story is about how the agricultural industry is hiring movie stars in Asian countries such as China and India to promote its crops, especially nuts. Read the story here: and link to PDF Also, here is a link to a gallery of photos I shot for the story:

STORY: Radionovela tackles gay issues among Latino farmworkers

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This is my first AP story. Short, but important: A Spanish-language radio drama is aiming to break the silence surrounding homosexuality and its acceptance among the agricultural community. Read the story here: or or link to PDF You can listen to the episodes of the radionovela (en Español) on the Radio Bilingue website: You can also read …