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During the week in Roseburg following the shooting, I was part of an AP team that included several reporters, videographers, and photographers. Covering a mass shooting is easier when you’re part of a great team of journalists. We produced multiple stories, too many to list, but here are a few I worked on that stood out. Our dramatic narrative retelling …

Roseburg mass shooting

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Events like the Roseburg UCC college shooting are always difficult to cover. As a reporter, you work like a machine, 12 hour days on auto-pilot, and your emotions and exhaustion only catch up with you later. What’s most difficult is having to approach families whose world just collapsed. How to journalistically cover a tragedy like a mass shooting and still …

Wildfires’ impact on rangeland

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Wildfires exploded this summer in the Pacific Northwest. Thousands of acres were scorched. I wondered: whose land had actually burned? A lot of the land that was engulfed in flames was isolated forest, grassland, hillsides. To whom did the land belong? Then I started hearing about ranchers losing their grazing allotments in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho and knew I had a …

Not Portlandia


For a long time, I have wanted to write a story about a different Portland – not the hip, popular Portland of pricey artisan lattes and overgrown facial hair, but a hidden part of town where immigrants, refugees, and low-income people live: East Portland. I have lived in East Portland for several years now and have watched it change and …

Lamprey harvest


OREGON CITY — They dove into the cold waters, emerging with writhing, eel-like fish in hand and thrusting them into nets. Thus began Northwest Native American tribes’ annual lamprey harvest at a rushing, 40-foot waterfall about 15 miles south of Portland. The jawless, gray fish are a traditional food source for tribal members in the Columbia River Basin… Read More  

Obama, Nike and outsourcing


Well, President Obama came to Portland, and it’s been fun. The goal of his visit: to make a speech at Nike headquarters touting a trade deal with Asian nations – the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP – in an effort to garner some much needed political support. Nike is an interesting choice of location, given that some critics are afraid the …

AP STORY: Adoptee U.S. citizenship


I learned about Adam and his story from a source in the Korean-American community. Interviewing Adam took six hours and was emotionally wrenching. He is an intelligent, eloquent man who has faced big hurdles in his life. He’s also screwed up some. He has many emotional wounds, but he’s also trying to make amends and reimagine his future. Adam’s story opened to …

Flooded villages


This is one of my favorite stories that I’ve written and photographed at the AP. I worked with AP’s features editor and features photo editor to bring it together. To me, it’s an essential tale of the Pacific Northwest – a story about this region’s history and its making, the area’s principal characteristics (the river, salmon, dams, and hydropower), and the legacy …

AP STORY: Labor shortages, a new reality in agriculture?

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I’m usually a big skeptic when it comes to labor shortages in agriculture. I put on my reporter hat and ask: are these shortages real, or are they just slogans used by the agriculture industry to advance an agenda? I say this, because for years – for decades – the U.S. had been awash in farmworkers streaming in from Mexico. …

AP STORY: America at the Tipping Point

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After living for some time in Central California, America’s top farming region – where more than 250 different fruits and vegetables are grown! – you can’t help but notice the disparities and imbalance. On one side, the farmworkers, who often earn wages well below the poverty line – because farm labor is a seasonal occupation and because it pays little. …