AP STORY: The meaning of a driver’s license

Gosia Wozniacka AP STORIES

I’ve been working on a series of stories about the young immigrants who are eligible for the new federal program – called Deferred Action – that offers work permits and reprieves from deportation for those brought here illegally as children. Mostly recently, I wrote a story about how the program can benefit thousands of young workers, not just college or high school students. This week, I focus on how those who are approved for Deferred Action could soon be granted driving privileges _ depending on the state of their residence. Most states currently deny licenses to those lacking legal immigration status. And with Deferred Action, some state officials have vowed to continue that practice, while others have said they will give licenses to young people who qualify for the new federal program. In short, this got me thinking: what does driving really mean to a young person in California, a state famous for its car culture? And what about someone who can’t get a license, what is that like? This story explores some of those questions. Read it here

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