AP PHOTOS: Happy cows

Gosia Wozniacka AP PHOTOS

This week, I shot photos for an AP story about food label certification. I visited a beef operation run by the Sierra Foothill Conservancy, a non-profit in the Fresno area. Billy Freeman, the group’s herdsman, drove me in his truck up a long, unpaved, extremely bumpy road to the table-top mountain that’s home to a few dozen cows. It is completely flat up there, with vegetation wild and lush, bathed in afternoon sunlight. In a huge open space, the cows wander freely, as if they were wild. It’s calving time in the foothills, so a few calves ambled in the tall grass. The cows are actually there for a reason: were it not for their grazing abilities, a lot of the vegetation and organisms native to California would die out, swallowed by the non-native grass. I want to write an article about that!

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